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Vizio Laptops now Available at Walmart, Starting at $948

The Vizio laptops that have been receiving so much buzz of late are now available via and should be in stores July 2nd.  When ordering from the website the availability is indicated as next Monday.  The pricing starts at $948 for the 14-inch thin and light model with 14” screen and 3rd Generation Intel […]

Dell XPS 13 $531 at Dell Outlet with 20% off Coupon and Amex Card

Here’s a great deal if you’ve been waiting to get an XPS 13 Ultrabook for cheap.  Via Dell Outlet you can use a 20% off coupon code XR0056K7WXQ1TJ to knock the price of the XPS 13 down from an already discounted outlet price and then use the American Express / Twitter Sync offer that gets […]

Hands on: Google Nexus 7 review

Cheap Asus 7-inch tablet is a budget bundle of world’s first accolades and quad-core power- for just £159!

New Asus PC Comes with Ubuntu Linux Preloaded

The announcements may be coming fast and furious out of Google I/O today, but the Nexus Q and other products unveiled there aren’t the only exciting new technologies to appear on the horizon this week.

Lenovo ThinkPad W530 First Thoughts

The Lenovo ThinkPad W530 is the 2012 update to the popular W-series of ThinkPad workstation style laptops, it evolves upon and replaces the W520.  As many are aware by now, the biggest change to occur across the ThinkPad lineup is a new 6-row chiclet style keyboard.  The W530 has the exact same keyboard that shows […]

Insider Knowledge: Augmented Reality

We explain what happens when digital information is mixed with the real world

Apple removes claim that ‘Macs don’t get PC viruses’

Apple has adjusted its website to withdraw the claim that Macs don’t get PC viruses.

Apple replacing MacBook Pros with faulty Retina displays

Apple is said to be replacing MacBook Pro with Retina display models with faulty screens. Some of the high-res Retina displays are said to be showing signs of ghosting.

Apple Not Likely to Tolerate Orbitz Price Prejudice

Online travel site Orbitz has admitted to pushing pricier hotel rooms at Mac users, a profit-seeking tactic that factors a user’s underlying hardware into Web choices. Apple risks a backlash from customers who feel unprotected, says one industry analyst. Will Apple speak out?

Sony VAIO T13

Sony’s first Ultrabook is a well-built mid-range value star

Smartphones and Laptops: New Ways to Pair Them

Each new gadget brings speculation about what older device it will replace–full-featured laptops supplant desktops, while ever-smarter phones relieve you from carrying a laptop on occasion. But don’t overlook the partnerships that can result. Soon, for instance, you’ll be able to use an Ultrabook to charge your phone wirelessly, or you’ll be able to transfer […]

Asus Transformer Pad TF300T review

The baby Transformer is a real iPad alternative

New Dell XPS 15 L521X Arrives with $1,299 Price Tag

The long awaited Dell XPS 15 L521X is finally here with its thin looks and metallic design. The L521X is clad in a machined aluminum magnesium alloy case and is a mere 0.91-inches thick. It’s weight of 5.79 pounds is a little on the heavy side, but remember it’s made of all metal to so […]

New Dell XPS 14 L421X Ultrabook Available for $1,099

Dell has added a new member to its XPS family, the XPS 14 L421X is an Ultrabook style laptop with thin looks and design but beefy specs.  The L421X is clad in a machined aluminum magnesium alloy case and is a mere 0.81-inches thick.  It’s weight of 4.6 pounds is a little on the heavy […]

Dell XPS 14 Laptop Review

The bigger brother to Dell’s XPS 13, this premium aluminium Ultrabook gets a lot right.

Dell XPS 14 review – first look

New 14in ultra-portable balances power and mobility

Nokia 808 PureView available for UK pre-order

The 41 megapixel smartphone is here and available to order from Amazon UK this week

Dell XPS 15 L521X Shows up for Sale in Australia with $1,799 Price

The Intel Ivy Bridge equipped Dell XPS 15 is now available to order in the land down under, Australians can purchase this new Dell XPS 15 L521X for $1,799.99 AUD, since the U.S. dollar is at about parity with the Australian dollar that’d make it the same $1,799 when converted to the U.S. greenback.  That’s […]

Specs bomb: Ivy Bridge laptops

Ivy Bridge processors from Intel are still thin on the ground – in their mobile form at least. But we’re just starting to see the first laptops sporting Intel’s new chip line trickle on to the market.

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display hit by ghosting issue

Find out if your model is affected by display flaw

HP ENVY Spectre XT 13t-2000 First Look Review

The ENVY Spectre XT 13t from HP is the company’s latest entry into the premium Ultrabook space.  The Spectre XT is a 13.3-inch screen laptop while the previous ENVY Spectre 14t is a larger 14-inch Ultrabook.  So what’s the difference between these two Ultrabooks and why the need for two similar sizes?  Well, for one […]

HP Pavilion dm1-3200sa

The HP Pavilion dm1 is a compact 11in-screen laptop with AMD dual-core processor and a budget-friendly price.

New HP Coupons for 6/24 to 6/30, $400 Off ENVY Laptops

HP has just issued some new coupons for its Pavilion and Envy laptops.  Unfortunately, there are no coupons for the popular dv6t or dv7t Quad Edition laptops, but there is a $250 off coupon for the new dv6t Select and dv7t Select Edition 7000 series notebooks with the 3rd generation Intel Core i5 chips.  Here […]

HP dv6t and dv7t Select Editions and dv4t-5100 get Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge

HP has finally added 3rd generation Core i5 options to the 17” dv7t, 15” dv6t and 14” dv4t Pavilion laptops.  This means the dv6t-7000 and dv7t-7000 are now available in varying flavors each Pavilion dv6t-7000 (regular) ($579 starting with Core i3) Pavilion dv6t-7000 Select Edition ($699 starting with Core i5) Pavilion dv6t-7000 Quad Edition ($899 […]

Lenovo Cuts Pricing on Old ThinkPad T420, X220 and W520, Model Availability Ends Soon

Lenovo is now offering a 12% off coupon on some popular older model ThinkPads, if you use coupon code THINK627 at checkout you’ll get 12% off the ThinkPad T420, X220 or W520 models that are set to retire soon.  Here’s the link to the deal page for these models and below is a screenshot of […]