Sony Xperia S gets Ice Cream Sandwich update

Sony Xperia S gets Ice Cream Sandwich update

Sony has confirmed theAndroid 4.0  Ice Cream Sandwichupdate for theXperia Sis on its way. The flagship handset has been running on Android 2.3, with Sony’s own Timescape skin overlayed, since it appeared back in March. Over the next few weeks, users will be able to get not just the new OS upgrade, but also some new home grown apps from Sony’s own stable.

With the new OS running on the handset, Xperia users will see improvements in multitasking, settings menus and a new lock screen. There will be the option to resize widgets and have more control over data consumption. Meanwhile, Sony’s own software additions are three new apps called ”Walkman”, “Movies” and “Album”.

Walkman brings in Sony’s own audio technology and allows you to share music with your friends over Facebook. Album is a new way of sorting and arranging your photos – a big selling point of the Xperia S given the excellent camera packed into the phone. The Movies app will, according to Sony, streamline the playback of movies and video in high quality.

The total upgrade package will be around 200MB to download and will be available over the next couple of weeks.

Sony Xperia S gets Ice Cream Sandwich update


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    Sony Xperia S Users to Receive Android Ice Cream Sandwich Update…

    Sony, unfortunately, was one of several Android phone manufacturers who were left behind when phones shipping with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich became the status quo. The Xperia S, the Japanese manufacturer’s first post-Ericsson smartphone, shipped…..

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