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Apple’s new 12-inch MacBook closely guards its secrets with screws, solder, and glue

It may be the most amazing MacBook yet, but as you no doubt expected, Apple’s new 12-inch Retina MacBook is a nightmare for the fix-it-yourself crowd. Per their custom, the teardown masters at iFixit took apart this slender clamshell to discover all the secrets contained within its aluminum frame. What they found is that its […]

IPVanish review: Tier-1 VPN service should offer best network speeds

IPVanish is a tier-1 VPN service, which means it could offer the best network speeds. Read our IPVanish VPN review Price: $10 (£6.77) per month Rating: 7 IPVanish is a tier-1 VPN service, which means it could offer the best network speeds. Read our IPVanish VPN review.(Also see:Best free VPN services 2015.) IPVanish is a […]

Asus G501 offers 4K, new GeForce, PCIe SSD and even Thunderbolt in superthin case

The laptop world we live in dictates that as weight drops and dimensions shrink, capability get squeezed out of the picture.� That’s the fine line Asus has to walk with its new G501 gaming laptop, which boasts a tour de force of check-off features while remaining impressively svelte. The G501 features a 15.6-inch, 3840×2160-pixel 4K […]

Panasonic’s Toughbook 54 gets lighter, but stays strong

Panasonic’s Toughbooks are known for their strength and durability, but the company is trying to resolve some of the heft and size issues with its latest model. The Toughbook 54 14-inch laptop is just 1.9 kilograms (4.19 pounds), much lighter than its predecessor, the Toughbook 53, which was over 2.5 kilograms. Panasonic has also doubled […]

9 tech resolutions for 2015: Best practises for the New Year

Good morning, and welcome to 2015. You may already be feeling a sense of dread over some of the New Year’s resolutions you’ve told everyone you’re going to make. Have you pledged to give up smoking? To lose weight at the gym? Off you pop then… We’re not saying you shouldn’t make these type of […]

Sony recalls Vaio Flip hybrid after reports of fire and melting

Sony sold off its Vaio PC unit in February due to sluggish sales, but don’t think that means Sony Vaio laptops aren’t smoking hot. For the second time in 2014, a Sony PC model is at risk of overheating, smoking, catching on fire, and even melting. This time around, the smoldering Vaio in question is […]

Chillblast Defiant 2 Mini review: compact gaming laptop offers great value for money

Price: 899 Rating: 9 As the name implies, this is the second-generation of Chillblast’s compact little Defiant laptop – find out about the first generation here: Chillblast Defiant Mini 13 review – and we were pleased to see that it offers a number of improvements without any increase to its already attractive £899 price tag. […]

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Instant Video comparison review: What’s the best streaming service?

Price: �5.99 Rating: 0 Video streaming is a part of daily life now but are you trying to decide between Netflix and Amazon services? Here’s our Netflix vs Amazon Prime Instant Video review. Before we continue, it’s worth pointing out that Amazon Prime Instant Video used to be called LoveFilm Instant. Amazon LoveFilm still lives […]

Dell Chromebook 11 review: Basic browser machine keeps up with the times, barely

Dell’s no dummy. It may have built its business on PCs, but its new Chromebook 11 is designed to maintain its presence the education market, where Chromebooks are enjoying some growth. Compared to managing a fleet of Windows-based boxes, tending to a herd of browser-based Chromebooks is far simpler and cheaper (Google even provides a […]

Microsoft and Google aren’t happy with mutant Android-Windows hybrids

Microsoft may be comfortable with Windows Phone and Android splitting time on a single phone, but when it comes to PCs, fuhgeddaboutit. Google also isn’t too thrilled with the idea of Frankenstein Android-Windows computers, and at least one PC maker may have to dump the hybrid devices from their lineup as a result. Asus, makers […]

HP brings ‘couch potato mode’ to Pavilion X360 hybrid

Hewlett-Packard’s latest Pavilion X360 hybrid will offer the design flexibility to be used as a tablet, laptop or “couch potato” device. The US$399.99 Pavilion X360 at first glance looks like a laptop, but the screen can be flipped 360 degrees to turn the device into a tablet. And then there’s what HP termed the “couch […]

Chromebooks getting VMware virtual desktop service

VMware will offer virtual desktop services for Google’s Chromebooks, allowing them to run Windows applications on the pared-down laptops based on the Chrome OS. Organizations could save as much as US$5,000 per computer by using a combination of Chromebooks and VMware managed services, Google has estimated. VMware desktop virtualization could also provide organizations an easy […]

Kenyan government denies awarding $200 million laptop project contract

The Kenyan government is conducting due diligence on various manufacturers after denying last week that it has awarded a contract for the country’s controversial US$200 million school laptop project to any of the bidding companies. The controversy surrounding the alleged awarding of the tender to India’s Olive Telecommunications has cast a shadow on the country’s […]

AMD prototype PC could be mistaken for an envelope

Even ultrathin ultrabooks are launched with some fanfare, with branding and markings designed to attract the eye. Not so with AMD’s new prototype PC. This isn’t room for much branding. It’s so small I thought it was a nameplate. AMD showed off the the slimline PC, which is based on its upcoming “Mullins” chip, at […]

Dell launches new product line at ‘end user showcase’ in Sydney

Dell has revealed pricing and availability of its new range of products, including the Venue tablet range and the XPS 11, at an event in Sydney. The ‘end user showcase’ included Dell’s entire range of devices including desktops, touch screen displays, thin-clients, two-in-ones and projectors. Cloud Storage – Comparison of 30 Services The XPS 11, […]

John Lewis offers two year guarantee on all electrical goods

John Lewis has announced that it will offer a minimum two year guarantee on all electrical products. The retailer said it is the first to offer its customers the lengthy guarantee and it will do so at no extra cost. The offer will start on 10 October but most items have already had the improvement […]

Dell Announces Updated XPS 12 with Intel’s new Haswell

Dell is wasting no time taking advantage of the new lineup of 4th generation Core processors from Intel, today they announced (among other machines) an updated XPS 12 convertible that improves upon an already excellent machine.  Dell will offer the new Intel Haswell Core i5 and Core i7 processors as options in the XPS 12, […]

Apple iPad Mini

UPDATED with iOS 6.1 details – Does the iPad Mini fill a gap between the iPhone and iPad?

HP Envy M6

a budget laptop with every feature you could want, including dedicated graphics and lengthy battery life

Struggling PC makers and Windows 8 push PC market into free fall

A “perfect storm” of struggling PC companies, aversion to Windows 8 and wider mobile-device adoption plunged the already struggling PC market into a free fall during the first quarter this year, IDC said.        

Dell Inspiron Special Edition with Full HD Screen $599

Dell is back with another scorching deal on its popular and gaming capable Inspiron 15R Special Edition laptop (Inspiron 15R SE), this time around they’re selling it for $599 with an Intel Core i5 processor and Full HD 1920 x 1080 screen.  To get this deal just follow this link to the Inspiron 15R SE […]

Dell XPS 10 Tablet review – basic Windows 8 RT tablet has great battery life

The Dell XPS 10 is a decent Windows 8 RT hybrid tablet and laptop offering spectacular battery life. Here’s our Dell XPS 10 Tablet review.

Google Chromebook Pixel

Google’s cut-price laptop gets a retina display makeover

Chromebook Pixel review: Google’s £1,000 Chrome OS laptop sounds crazy but just might work

The Chromebook Pixel is Google’s £1,049 laptop running the Chrome OS. It has a beautiful display and amazing build quality, but is not without its faults. Here’s our Chromebook Pixel review.


MSI’s latest gaming laptop is AMD-powered, which unfortunately leaves it lacking in the performance stakes