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Asus Transformer Book V is a Windows, Android, tablet, laptop, PHONE super-duper hybrid

So-called “five-mode, three-in-one converged laptop” shows Asus has an identity crisis

Toshiba Satellite Click 2 Pro review – hands on

We go hands on with Toshiba’s brand new ultraportable hybrid

Apple reportedly working on ARM-based iMac, MacBook and Mac Minis

Apple could be investigating low-power ARM processors for entry-level versions of its iMac all-in-one, Mac Mini desktop and MacBook laptop ranges, according to a new report

Surface Pro 3 vs Macbook Air comparison – which one should you buy?

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 goes head to head with Apple’s Macbook Air – which is better value, which has better specs and which one should you buy?

Gigabyte and Schenker team up to create ultimate gaming laptops

The XMG Core Series will offer high-powered customisable laptops with top class design

Man falls in love with porn-packed Macbook, attempts to marry it

Chris Sevier, suspended from practising law in 2011, has tried to file a motion that would allow him to marry it

WWDC may focus on OS X 10.10 as iOS 8 features pushed to version 8.1

Apple may have pushed back features originally planned for iOS 8 to the next version, and will instead use the WWDC conference to focus on OS X

HP to launch Android powered laptop

Could the Slatebook 14 be a worthy Chromebook rival?

Apple quietly updates MacBook Air with new Haswell CPUs, lower price

Apple has updated its ultra-portable MacBook Air laptops with faster Intel Haswell processors and a reduced price, but isn’t making a song and dance about it

Apple celebrates Earth Day with free product recycling

Apple has announced it will start providing free product recycling, just in time for Earth day 2014

Lenovo expands Flex hybrid laptop family with Full HD Flex 2 models

Flex 2 to come with 1,920×1,080 screens and discrete graphics

Children from St Vincent and the Grenadines to benefit from 12,500 free laptops

A partnership between Acer, Microsoft and Trend Micro, masterminded by Dennis Publishing, will give all secondary school children a new laptop

Nvidia announces Maxwell-powered 800M mobile GPUs with GeForce experience, Shadowplay streaming

Nvidia has launched its latest range of mobile graphics cards for gaming laptops, which use the company’s latest Maxwell architecture for serious battery savings as well as improved performance

Top 5 Windows 8 Convertible Notebooks for Back to School 2013

It’s back-to-school time, and that means it’s time to look for a laptop that’s both productive and convenient for school. Just like fashion, technology also has its seasonal changes and the latest trend for mobile tech are devices that act as a hybrid laptop and tablet called a convertible notebook. These devices combine the touch-screen, […]

Best Gaming Laptops for Back to School 2013

Many students will be getting ready to go back to school in just a month, if you’re a college student and looking for a laptop that can double as both a work machine and a gaming machine for those times where you need to blow off steam, we’re here to help point out some of […]

Intel Officially Announces Haswell Lineup and Claims 50% Battery Life Improvement

Intel today officially announced its upcoming Haswell processors, the 4th generation of Core i3/i5/i7 offerings.  As is typical, the first chips to be available will be the high end Core i7 and Core i5 and then later on the more budget oriented Core i3 will hit the market.  Availability “starts June 4th”, meaning notebook manufacturers […]

Nvidia Announces GTX 700M Series Graphics Cards

Nvidia today announced their new GTX 700 series lineup of performance mobile graphics cards and promised that the GTX 780M, the top dog in this new lineup, is also the “world’s fastest notebook GPU”.  That means the AMD HD 8970M is no longer top dog and companies such as Acer, Asus, Clevo, MSI, Razer and […]

Intel’s Haswell 4th Generation Core Chips Set for June Release

Intel had made it official that their 4th generation of mobile processors, code named “Haswell”, will debut in June at the Taiwan 2013 Comdex show.  While that’s the official debut date, in the past we’ve often seen new processors sneak into laptops before the official release so it’s possible that at the end of next […]

HP Leads #1 for U.S. PC Shipments in Q1, but Overall Sales Fall

The drumbeat of slowing PC sales, which includes laptops and desktops, continued in the first three months of 2013 according to research group IDC.   IDC says that worldwide shipments of PCs dropped 13.9% in Q1 when compared to the same quarter in 2012.  So what’s to blame for this drop given the fact the world […]

Panasonic Announces ToughBook 31 Rugged Laptop Updates

Panasonic has updated their ToughBook lineup with the latest release of their ToughBook 31, a 13" ruggedized laptop for field workers (e.g. policeman, fireman, outdoor workers, oil rigs). Included in this update is a faster processor, expanded storage, and a more responsive touchscreen. The Toughbook 31 is powered by the new 3rd generation Intel Core […]

Windows 8 Upgrade for $14.99 Registration Opens

Looking to snag a copy of Windows 8 for cheap? Well, you’re in luck, but you will have to purchase a PC with Windows 7 first. Consumers will have until February 28th, 2013 to claim their promotional upgrade, which gives a Windows 8 Pro upgrade for a meager $14.99 for those who have purchased–or will […]

How to Shut Down a Windows 8 Laptop

While the title of this article might seem ridiculous, it’s really not a joke, the Windows 8 interface is going to be a big change and it’s already been demonstrated that “average users” (such as Chris Pirillo’s Dad) might be left with their heads spinning just trying to figure out how to open a program.  […]

Looking for ThunderBolt on a PC? The ThinkPad T430s and S430 Can Help

It seems that ever since Apple introduced the ThunderBolt to the MacBook Pro last year people have been waiting to see it show up in a PC.  After all, Intel developed and owns the ThunderBolt standard (despite people assuming it is Apple technology, they collaborated with Intel then branded it) and Intel works closely with […]

Top 7 Budget Gaming Laptops for 2012

Let’s face it, the economy isn’t exactly roaring right now and the halcyon days of easy credit back in 2006 are done.  Which means many of us might not be able to spend $2,000+ on a gaming laptop, rather the new budget ceiling for a gaming laptop is around the $1,000 mark.  Sure, some people […]

No Windows 8 update means half-price Nokia Lumia 900

US customers now able to get Nokia’s flagship device with 50% off