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Vizio 14” Ultrabook for $599 at Microsoft Store

The 14” screen Vizio CT14-A4 Ultrabook is on sale for $599 at the Microsoft Store online right now, that’s about $100 cheaper than the next cheapest price of $698 at   The Vizio CT14 Ultrabook has an HD+ (1600 x 900) resolution screen, making it stand out among other budget Ultrabooks that tend to have […]

Western Digital to Create 5mm-thick Hybrid Hard-Drives for Ultrabooks

Are those 7mm-thick drives looking bulkier ever day? Well, Western Digital (WD) has just announced that it is now producing sampling versions of 5mm-thin (0.2 inch) hard disk drive featuring hybrid technology, which will be showcased during WD’s Investor Day on Sept. 13. WD started shipping 7mm hard drives for thin notebooks (e.g. Ultrabooks) earlier […]