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Acer rolls out new laptop, desktops with Windows, Chrome

Acer CEO Jason Chen wants his company to be the “last PC maker standing,” he said last month, and on Friday the company continued to rain blows on its competitors with a flurry of new laptops and desktops running Windows and Chrome. It will show the new PCs at Computex next week — little more […]

9 tech resolutions for 2015: Best practises for the New Year

Good morning, and welcome to 2015. You may already be feeling a sense of dread over some of the New Year’s resolutions you’ve told everyone you’re going to make. Have you pledged to give up smoking? To lose weight at the gym? Off you pop then… We’re not saying you shouldn’t make these type of […]

PC stagnation means zero-sum game for OEMs, OS makers

IDC this week said that while the PC industry would end the year better off than it had expected, the foreseeable future holds no hope for a return of growth. Instead, the business will be a zero-sum game of replacement PCs, where gains by one computer manufacturer or operating system developer will come at the […]

Use a 13in laptop as a dedicated gaming system with Alienware’s Graphics Amplifier

Alienware’s Graphics Amplifier. Gaming with a laptop computer has just gotten a whole lot more interesting with the introduction of Alienware’s Graphics Amplifier. This amplifier is a dedicated external box that can connect to a compatible Alienware laptop (there is only one at the moment) and harness the power of a full-sized desktop graphics adapter. […]

PC market in 2014 a bit less dire than previously thought

The PC market is still a bleak place to be, but not as bleak as expected, according to new figures released Wednesday. Worldwide PC shipments will decline at a slower pace in 2014 than previously thought, as Chromebooks and Windows XP upgrades help drive new purchases, IDC said. Global PC shipments will decline by 3.7 […]

Gartner: 2.4 billion ‘devices’ will be shipped worldwide in 2014

Citing numbers from their Forecast: PCs, Ultramobiles, and Mobile Phones, Worldwide, 2011-2018, 2Q14 Update report, executives from IT research and advisory firm Gartner, Inc. said on Monday (July 7, 2014) that they expected “worldwide combined shipments of devices (PCs, tablets, ultramobiles and mobile phones) [to] reach 2.4 billion units in 2014, [registering] a 4.2 percent […]

Microsoft’s Windows to aid PC market revival in 2015

Microsoft’s Windows OS could play a crucial rule in returning worldwide PC shipments to modest growth next year after multiple years of decline, Gartner said on Monday. PC shipments could reach around 317 million in 2015, increasing from 308 million units expected to ship this year, the research firm said in a study. Shipments this […]

Personal Computing: The shape of things to come

Contrary to what we are often led to believe (that the PC market is declining), there is strength in the personal computers (PCs) market in the APAC region, said Prakash Mallya, Country Manager, Intel Malaysia & Singapore on 20 June in a media briefing in Singapore. “The market is not only stabilizing but growing as […]

PC sales this year look just slightly better, IDC says

The skies have brightened slightly since March for the beleaguered PC, with sales now likely to fall by just 6 percent this year, according to research company IDC. A quarter ago, IDC had forecast a drop of 6.1 percent for worldwide sales of desktop and portable PCs in 2014. The good news since then has […]

VMware looks to AirWatch to simplify management and centralize client storage

VMware is leaning on AirWatch to let users access files from one place using virtual and physical clients and let admins manage desktops in the same way they handle mobile devices. When VMware announced the US$1.54 billion AirWatch acquisition in January, it was the company’s biggest purchase ever, and the company is now ready to […]

Wall Street Beat: Mixed news for tech puts dent in sector confidence

Mixed news for hardware and some disappointing software vendor financial reports this week appeared to put a dent in confidence in the IT sector. Gartner forecast yet more bad news for traditional PCs and laptops. It’s been known for some time that smartphones, tablets and hybrid devices such as so-called “phablets” are putting a damper […]

Lenovo widens lead as PC market decline slows

Analysts at both Gartner and IDC reported the seventh straight quarter of declining PC shipments, although both firms saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Of the top PC vendors, Lenovo widened its lead over HP and Dell on a worldwide basis during the fourth quarter of 2013, as the Chinese PC maker […]

Start the year off right with a clean PC

Unsavory detritus lurks in the vents and crevices of your computer hardware: Hair, dust, cigarette smoke, and pet dander can accumulate in your PC and also in your peripherals, even down between the keys of your keyboard. Some of it’s just gross. However, buildup on fans and other key components can increase the heat stress […]

Acer needs to focus on brand building, tablets under new leaders

Acer will have to choose new leaders with expertise in tablets and brand-building to shed its reputation as a low-end seller of notebooks, analysts said. Last month, the company abruptly canceled plans to name Jim Wong as its new CEO, and instead did away with the position. Company co-founder Stan Shih has taken over as […]

Apple sued for patent infringement by DSS

Apple has been sued by patent company DSS Technology Management for infringing two patents relating to the use of wireless peripheral devices, parent company Document Security Systems said Wednesday. DSS has accused Apple’s products including its iMac, Mac mini, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, iPod nano and the forthcoming Mac Pro of infringing one or more […]

The PC is one step away from extinction

In 1977, Ken Olsen, founder of long gone computing giant Digital Equipment Corporation, made one of the all time worst tech predictions when he said, “There’s no reason anyone would want a personal computer in their home.” Strangely enough, his prediction may actually come true. While it took a couple of decades for that prediction […]

Acer’s next CEO abruptly resigns as founder Shih takes helm

Acer’s upcoming CEO has abruptly resigned from the troubled PC maker, in a surprise move that will result in founder Stan Shih temporarily taking over leadership. Two weeks after Acer named Jim Wong to be its next CEO, the PC maker on Thursday announced he was stepping down “in light of the company’s recent performance.” […]

Acer CEO resigns as company plans restructuring and layoffs

Acer CEO J.T. Wang is resigning from his post at the Taiwanese PC maker and will be replaced by president Jim Wong as part of a corporate restructuring that will try to revitalize the company’s sagging fortunes. Citing the company’s recent run of poor financial results, Wang said in a statement on Tuesday: “It is […]

Taiwan protests Apple maps that show island as province of China

Taiwan is demanding Apple revise its mapping software and remove a label that describes the island as a province of China, rather than as a sovereign state. Taiwan’s foreign ministry made the complaint to Apple, said an official on Wednesday. “The maps don’t acknowledge Taiwan as its own nation. We voiced our disapproval, and hope […]

Cloud won’t replace traditional IT any time soon – HP

Close on the heels of HP CEO Meg Whitman’s financial update earlier this month, Steve Dietch, VP, worldwide cloud, enterprise group at HP, who was on a whirlwind trip of the ANZ region, and Keith Watson, MD of HP NZ, spoke to Computerworld NZ on the company’s role in the delivery of the ‘new style […]

Apple cuts prices on Macs, takes a jab at PCs

Apple on Tuesday introduced new versions of the MacBook Pro laptops and cut prices, but not before taking a jab at PC makers. The company’s MacBook Pro with Retina Display and 13-inch screen starts at US$1,299, which is $200 cheaper than the previous model. The 15-inch model will start at $1,999, while the previous-generation laptop […]

HP updates notebook and PC portfolio

In addition to expanding its ZBook range with a 14-inch workstation Ultrabook, HP has unveiled the latest additions to its notebook, PC and printer line-ups. As well as expanding its consumer product portfolio, HP is introducing devices aimed at the enterprise with increased robustness and removable batteries. Mobility a godsend and a nightmare The devices […]

Intel delays Broadwell chips for PCs and hybrids

Intel has delayed production of its “Broadwell” processors due to a manufacturing glitch, something analysts say could postpone the launch of PCs and tablets based on the new chip. Intel ran into some problems with the 14-nanometer process used to manufacture the chips and will have to fix them before it can resume production, CEO […]

Apple hires CEO of Burberry to run retail operations

Apple is hiring Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts to lead its retail business, choosing someone from a fashion brand rather than from a consumer electronics retail chain. Ahrendts will be joining Apple in a newly created position as senior vice president of retail and online stores. She will be a member of the executive team, reporting […]

China’s Tongfang contributes to global PC growth

The PC market has faced tough times in recent years but Chinese vendor Tongfang is contributing to PC growth. Ranked 12th in global PC shipments in 2013, Tongfang leads the top vendors in PC growth in 2013 through August, according to IDC’s Monthly PC Tracker. Shipments for this vendor increased 10 percent from a year […]