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U.K. follows TSA’s lead, bans uncharged electronic devices from some flights

Anyone traveling into or out of the United Kingdom will want to make sure their devices are fully charged before getting to the airport. The British Department for Transport recently announced it will follow the U.S. Transportation Security Administration’s prohibition on uncharged electronic devices on certain flights. “Passengers on some routes into and out of the […]

Dell moving Project Ophelia to consumers

Dell is making updates to its Android-based, thumb-size PC called Wyse Cloud Connect — widely known as Project Ophelia — as the company moves to make the stick computer suitable for consumers. A new consumer-friendly user interface for Wyse Cloud Connect is in the pipeline, said a company spokeswoman in an email. Consumer purchases of […]

Intel introduces new chips to help PCs see, hear, and feel

It’s official: The notebook computer can now see as well as take your picture. Meet the Intel RealSense 3D camera. (Follow CES 2014 live, and get the latest CES news here.) Middle of last year, Intel had announced that its version of the Kinect camera would be available in mid- to late-2014. On Monday at […]

Student@Home offers IT support from tech savvy students

A new scheme called Student@Home will see IT students provide technical support for those with computer problems. For a monthly fee of £2, customers of Student@Home can book an appointment seven days a week and a student will normally be available within 24 hours. They can provide IT support for all kinds of issues such […]

John Lewis offers two year guarantee on all electrical goods

John Lewis has announced that it will offer a minimum two year guarantee on all electrical products. The retailer said it is the first to offer its customers the lengthy guarantee and it will do so at no extra cost. The offer will start on 10 October but most items have already had the improvement […]

BenQ W1070 review – a low-cost projector that can play high-quality HD and 3D films

A low-priced model capable of high-quality 1080p HD film playback, the BenQ W1070 projector can be a useful living-room addition. Here’s our BenQ W1070 review.        

The Forgotten eMate 300–15 years later

Fifteen years ago, Apple released its first and only touchscreen laptop (so far), the often forgotten eMate 300. This translucent clamshell portable, which ran Apple’s Newton PDA operating system, represented a bold experiment in educational computing and a drastic departure from Apple’s traditional hardware design.

Remains of the Day: Dishing it out

The MacBook Pro may be going under the knife, plenty of pubs are spooning up DigiTimes’s swill, and one security firm suggests you fork over for its software. The remainders for Monday, May 14, 2012 are good eatin’.