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Thunderbolt 2 docks roundup: The easy way to connect to your Mac laptop

The major change since I last did a roundup of Thunderbolt docks is that the latest docks use Thunderbolt 2, which makes them aligned with Apple’s Thunderbolt 2 implementation in its MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. The market has also grown a little, with a few more offerings to consider. But essentially, the basic functionality […]

With employee help, ID theft ring allegedly stole $700,000 in Apple gift cards

Apple products are some of the most expensive and desirable in tech so it makes sense that the company’s gift cards are proving an attractive currency for criminals. On Thursday, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office said it has indicted five people for using personal information stolen from around 200 people to fund the purchase of […]

Toaster, refrigerator, meet tablet, notebook: Apple and Microsoft trade takes on 2-in-1s

“You can converge a toaster and a refrigerator, but those things are probably not going to be pleasing to the user,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said two years ago. Cook did not know it at the time, but he was talking about Microsoft’s hardware design strategy, specifically of its Surface line, when he took that […]

Acer turns a corner with another big contract win in 2014

Acer has picked up a key contract win, Victoria Police, joining its other big 2014 hauls: the Electoral Commission and Woolworths. After a couple of years where the company kept quiet and saw its revenues and profits collapse, new managing director Darren Simmons says the struggling PC maker has turned a corner in Australia. Former […]

HP ships an Android all-in-one PC, plus several business laptops and desktops

It seems like a bit of a disconnect for HP to announce new commercial PCs at a trade show focused on consumer electronics, but HP–which didn’t book exhibit space at this year’s CES–is wise not to waste the opportunity. (Follow CES 2014 live, and get the latest CES news here.) The company unveiled seven new […]

From calculators to tablets, Intel to emphasize mobile era

Intel’s dominance of the chip market is starting to wane as PC shipments slump and smartphone and tablet adoption grows, but the manufacturer will try to prove it can make fast and power-efficient processors for mobile devices at its annual developer gathering next week.        

Lenovo’s Reach cloud service aims to replace local apps

After a closed beta for a few months, Lenovo has opened for public preview its Reach consumer cloud service, which is a “cloud desktop” service through which applications can be launched without downloading and installing them locally on mobile devices and PCs.        

Tablet shipments to outpace laptops in 2013, NPD says

New tablet shipments will outnumber laptops for the first time in 2013, as touch display capabilities drive buying patterns rather than new operating systems like Windows 8 and Windows RT, research firm NPD DisplaySearch reported on Monday.        

We’re buying smartphones and tablets, but PCs still reign supreme

Smartphones and tablets are taking over our lives, but don’t forget about the PC.

We’re becoming gadget hoarders: Sophos

Gadgets are growing on us Australians, with the average number of larger electronic devices per person calculated at 2.6 in the country, according to a new infographic by Sophos’ Naked Security site.

Bill Gates: Schools are at a ‘technology tipping point’

The growing use of handheld devices and social media among students is creating a technology tipping point for schools that could completely break down the barriers between teaching platforms within five to 10 years, Bill Gates said Thursday.

Apple CEO shoots down idea of inexpensive iPhone

Apple will not create a new, inexpensive iPhone just for the sake of offering a cheaper alternative, Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a speech on Tuesday.

Top Gadgets: A roundup of what the web liked best

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show is drawing to a close and most tech sites are handing out opinions and awards about which gadgets were the best in show for 2013.

Future Tech 2013: The PCs, tablets and cutting-edge hardware of tomorrow

The forward march of technology moves at a dizzying pace. Yesterday’s gadgets look like quaint antiques. Today’s gadgets are already tainted by the mark of familiarity. And tomorrow’s gadgets appear to be magical, enchanting, engineering wonders.

IT investments will increase in 2013 thanks to software and device spending

Enterprises buying new mobile devices and investing in security and storage management will give IT spending a boost in 2013.

New year’s resolution: A clean Mac

It’s that time again when Mac users make their New Year’s resolutions. How about a simple pledge to keep your computer clean? I’m not talking about deleting cache files or removing old apps you no longer use. I’m talking about your Mac’s screen and keyboard, or its dusty, grungy innards. It’s not difficult to do, […]

‘Tarzans with smartphones’ help RIS scale new heights

Australian height safety provider, Roofsafe Industrial Safety (RIS), has completed the construction of the Ardent Leisure concept in Gold Coast’s Skypoint Climb with the help of its modern day high rise construction team “Tarzans with smartphones”.

FCC urges FAA: Let passengers run gadgets during takeoff

Airplane passengers aren’t the only ones fed up with restrictions on the use of portable electronic devices during takeoff and landing.

Elliptic Labs uses ultrasound to control Windows 8 laptops

Norwegian company Elliptic Labs’ touchless gesturing technology allows users to control devices by waving their hands in front of the screen, and the first implementation has been tailored for Windows 8 PCs, the company said on Tuesday.

Enterprises expanding mobility support for BYOD workers

Almost two-thirds of enterprises are committed to bolstering mobility support for their staff, partners and customers, according to research from analyst house Forrester.

Samsung 5-in. Galaxy S4 smartphone coming in February, report says

Samsung will announce a 5-in. Galaxy S4 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next February, according to company officials and executives at parts suppliers quoted in The Korea Times.

Smartphones, tablets to recharge quicker with USB 3.0 cables, connectors

Upcoming smartphones and tablets will charge much more quickly with new micro-USB 3.0 ports, the USB standards-setting organization said on Tuesday.

Next-generation Windows expected to make a splash in Berlin

This week, consumer electronics vendors are once again congregating in Berlin for the IFA trade show, where products based on Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 and RT are expected to set the trend.

Remains of the Day: On a mission

Another rumored look at the new iPhone, a whisper of a 13-inch Retina MacBook, and an Apple ad that never saw the light of day. The remainders for Friday, August 10, 2012 are a ragtag band of misfits.

Samsung launches Galaxy Note tablet

Hoping to inspire tablet users to create more content with their devices, Samsung introduced a stylus-based tablet, called the Galaxy Note 10.1, which the company touts as more interactive than the market-leading Apple iPad.