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Nvidia seeks to sharpen gaming on laptops with G-Sync

Nvidia is bringing its G-Sync desktop display technology to laptops, which should lead to dramatic improvements in gaming for portable PCs. Nvidia’s G-Sync technology synchronizes monitors and display panels to the refresh rate of games, which reduces stutter and lag time. With G-Sync, GPUs are connected directly to displays, so images of a game appear […]

Inateck BK1003E Ultra-slim Universal Bluetooth Keyboard review: Stylish and great value, enhances productivity with Android tablets, Windows tablets and iPads

Price: 17.99 Rating: 8 The BK1003E Bluetooth keyboard from Inateck is stylish, great value, and makes working on your Android tablet, Windows tablet or iPad a cinch. Read our Inateck BK1003E wireless keyboard review.See allkeyboard reviews. Inateck’s BK1003E ultra-slim Bluetooth keyboard oozes style, with a brushed steel underside and matte black plastic top. Full-size and […]

Seenda IBT-C04 Music Mouse review: A wireless mouse, speaker and phone all in one

Price: 21 Rating: 6 Seenda’s IBT-C04 Music Mouse is an interesting concept: a wireless mouse that also operates as a speaker and allows you to accept handsfree calls over Bluetooth. Although it might fulfil a need you never knew you had, the Music Mouse is certainly unique. See all computer mice reviews. With Christmas coming, […]

Inateck 13in MacBook Pro Retina Ultrabook Case review: Stylish felt laptop case is a bargain

Price: £13.99 inc VAT Rating: 8 There are way too many cases to choose from when looking for something to protect that shiny new MacBook Pro you just purchased. But most cases make the Apple device look ugly, bulky or both. If you want to keep thing simple, you’re better off getting something like the […]

Technicolor Color Certification Program: Marketing hype or genuine consumer benefit?

Think back to the last time you bought a brightly colored item online: A laptop, a smartphone, a pair of shoes, a hat. How closely did the item displayed on your computer monitor match the color of the item you eventually unboxed? If you’ve ever purchased a blue sweater only to discover on delivery that […]

Logitech Wireless Mouse M560 review: A handy Windows 8 mouse at a good price

Price: �34.99 inc VAT Rating: 8 Logitech’s new M560 is a wireless mouse designed forWindows 8 users. Read our review to find out more. The M560 is small but comfortable with an understated matt black finish (also available in white). Textured rubber sides make the device grippy. The symmetrical design means it not only looks […]

Finger-friendly laptops aren’t touching a chord with notebook buyers

If skyrocketing tablet sales and cute videos of babies that confuse magazines for iPads are any indication, touchscreens are the interface of the future. But there’s just one problem with that portentous prediction: If it’s true, laptop buyers are stuck with one foot in the past. The market analysts at NPD DisplaySearch say touchscreen notebooks […]

Scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass NBT displays coming for touchscreen laptops

Mashing mobile technology together with traditional PC designs has a hit-and-miss track record–cough, cough–but Monday, Corning announced that one of the more practical smartphone innovations out there is coming to touchscreen PCs, in the form of Gorilla Glass NBT.        

Dell Wireless Dock D5000 laptop dock review: free your PC from wires

Dell’s Wireless Dock D5000 laptop dock frees your laptop from cables. Here’s our Wireless Dock D5000 review.        

Samsung readies world’s most pixel-packed laptop display

Retina who? Not to be outdone on the display front, Samsung is showing off a 13.3-inch LCD notebook panel with a whopping 3200-by-1800 resolution screen.        

Move over, Apple: Toshiba Kirabook gives Windows its first Retina rival

Thanks to Toshiba, Windows finally has a laptop with a high-resolution display to rival Apple’s vaunted Retina-sporting MacBooks.        

Rain Design mStand 360 review: giving the rise to your MacBook with strength and style

The Rain Design mStand 360 comes to the rescue as a laptop stand suited to Apple MacBooks, guaranteed to turn more than heads.        

Samsung refreshes Series 9 Ultrabook, but where’s the ‘Retina’ display?

Samsung launched an even pricier version of its high-end Series 9 Ultrabook Monday, but the company isn’t quite ready to trade blows with Apple on the “Retina” display front.

Converse laptop sleeve 13in review

Converse has moved into the tech side of accessories including laptop cases. Read our Converse laptop sleeve review to find out more.

Kensington ClickSafe Keyed Laptop Lock review

The Kensington ClickSafe Keyed Laptop Lock is a clever update on the usual laptop and PC hardware locking solution.

Microsoft announces new hardware for Windows 8

Microsoft on Monday announced new keyboards and mice optimized for tablets and laptops running the Windows 8 operating system.

Apple adds extra moisture sensors in Retina MacBook Pro

All of Apple’s MacBook models contain moisture sensors that tell Apple Geniuses whether the laptop has been the victim of a liquid related incident. It seems that Apple is keen to ensure that no water damaged Retina MacBook Pro slips through the net when users bring them in for repair by adding extra sensors into […]

Apple replacing MacBook Pros with faulty Retina displays

Apple is said to be replacing MacBook Pro with Retina display models with faulty screens. Some of the high-res Retina displays are said to be showing signs of ghosting.

Remains of the Day: Bring out yer dead

The new MacBook Air gets torn down (and not built up again), Thunderbolt is striking some machines with lightning, and the machine will no longer go Ping. The remainders for Tuesday, June 12, 2012 are not dead yet.

Windows 8 touchscreen devices to be priced higher, Dell says

Touchscreen laptops and tablets with the upcoming Windows 8 OS will be priced higher than their non-touchscreen counterparts, Dell’s CEO said on Tuesday.