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Windows 10 features announced but OS won’t come to the Surface RT

Microsoft has given details of the consumer features onWindows 10 at a briefing in January at its headquarters in Redmond. See also: Windows 8 vs Windows 10 comparison. Although Microsoft gave us plenty of new details on the upcoming operating system, possibly the biggest takeaway is that Window 10 will be free. For the first […]

10 best new features in Windows 10: Cortana to holograms

Yesterday Microsoft gave an exceptionally long presentation updating us on Windows 10 so here are the best 10 features of the upcoming operating system. See also: Windows 10 hands-on review. Microsoft had a lot to say during its January briefing and gave a look at what Windows 10 will look like in terms of end […]

Tech predictions: Windows 10 in 2015

There’s a brand-new Windows operating system planned for 2015. We reveal what to expect from Windows 10 in the coming year. Also see: Windows 10 review; Windows 10 release date, price, features; Windows 10 screenshots; Windows 10 vs OS X 10.10 Yosemite and How to get Windows 10 now. We don’t need to gaze into […]

Microsoft confirms 200 million Windows 8 licenses sold: Still short of Windows 7

Microsoft has confirmed thatWindows 8 has crossed the 200 million mark in license sales. It’s been a while since the software giant gave us figures for Windows 8 but after being received with mixed feelings, it has now reached the 200 million milestone. The last time Microsoft gave figures was in May last year when […]

Windows 8 reaches double digit operating system market share

Microsoft’sWindows 8 operating system ended 2013 by totalling more than 10 percent market share. Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 ended the year with 6.89 percent and 3.6 percent respectively to reach a combined 10.49 percent total market share. The figures come from Net Applications which tracks market share statistics for internet technologies. See also: Windows […]

Microsoft increases roaming limit for Windows apps to 81 devices

Microsoft has announced that the roaming limit forWindows 8 apps has been increased to 81 devices. Yes, you read that correctly, you can now share apps purchased from the Windows Store across up to 81 devices. The previous limit allowed users to roam on up to five different devices. See also: Windows 8.1 release date, […]

Windows 8.1 release date, new features and price UK

Windows 8.1, previously known as Windows Blue, is the first major update for the Windows 8 operating system. Here is the Windows 8.1 release date, new features and price. Updated 30/09/2013. See also: How to try out Windows 8.1 Preview in the UK Microsoft has said that it will change ‘key aspects’ of itsWindows 8 […]

Windows 8.1 release date, new features and price

Windows 8.1, previously known as Windows Blue, is an update for Windows so we’ve rounded up its release date, new features and price.        

Lenovo to reinstate Start menu to Windows 8

Lenovo has decided enough is enough and will put the Start menu back for its Windows 8 PCs and laptops.        

Microsoft confirms Windows 8.1 release date as 17 October

Microsoft has confirmed the release date for Windows 8.1 as 17 October.        

Windows 8.1 release date pegged for October

Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8.1 update, previously called Windows Blue, will be released in October.        

What is Windows Blue? Everything you need to know

Microsoft has sold 100 million Windows 8 licenses and with talk of Windows Blue snowballing we take a look at what Windows Blue actually is.        

Microsoft to bring back Start button in Windows 8.1

Microsoft is planning to resurrect the iconic Start button which users are sorely missing from its Windows 8 operating system.        

Windows 8 Pro price drop was an error

Microsoft’s unexpected price slashing of Windows 8 Pro was a mistake.

Microsoft drops Windows 8 Pro price to £45

Microsoft has quietly cut the price of Windows 8 Pro to £45 in the UK.

Microsoft Office 2013 and 365 FAQ: What you need to know

Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365 are now available so here’s everything you need to know.

Windows 8 price to soar on 1 February

The price of Windows 8 will rocket at the beginning of February as Microsoft’s offers come to an end.

Wintel PC share to fall to 65% i 2013

Windows laptops and PCs under full-frontal iPad and Android tablet attack.

Overview: which Windows 8 tablets, laptops and all-in-ones are on the horizon?

Last week Windows 8 was released, and in no-time dozens of hip new Windows 8 devices with touchscreens will hit the market. Tablets, laptops, so-called convertibles and all-in-one PCs with touchscreen have been announced by various manufacturers.

Microsoft sells 4 million Windows 8 upgrades

A total of 4 million Windows users have upgraded to Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 8 during its opening launch weekend.

Windows 8 gets midnight launch at Currys and PC World

Currys and PC World have announced they will open at midnight this Friday for the launch of Widows 8.

Windows 8 release date set for 26 October

Microsoft has announced that Windows 8 will launch on 26 October.

New Microsoft Office FAQ: What you need to know

Microsoft unveiled the new version of Office for Windows this week so here’s what you need to know.

Windows 8 release date confirmed for October

Microsoft has announced that Windows 8 will be released by the end of October.

Top tips for recovering deleted files

We’ve all done it: accidentally deleted files and immediately realised we needed them. Here are our top tips on how to successfully recover files for free.