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Toshiba Chromebook CB30-102

A good-value Chromebook with class-leading battery life

Dell Chromebook 11 review: Basic browser machine keeps up with the times, barely

Dell’s no dummy. It may have built its business on PCs, but its new Chromebook 11 is designed to maintain its presence the education market, where Chromebooks are enjoying some growth. Compared to managing a fleet of Windows-based boxes, tending to a herd of browser-based Chromebooks is far simpler and cheaper (Google even provides a […]

Samsung Chromebook 2 announced with faux leather lid, Full HD display

Samsung has introduced two new Chromebook models to its laptop line-up, adding the same faux leather stitching as its Galaxy smartphones

Samsung debuts Chromebook 2 with full HD screen

Samsung on Monday launched the Chromebook 2, a Chromebook noteworthy for its use of a powerful ARM processor and the option of a full HD screen. Samsung’s Chromebook 2 is actually more advanced than the Series 3 Chromebook that Samsung launched last March, so don’t the name confuse you. From the Exynos 5 dual-core chip used […]

Toshiba CB30-102 review: Chromebook boasting a 13.3” screen and Intel Celeron processor

Price: £250 inc VAT Rating: 8 Chromebooks are Google’s vision of how a modern laptop should be. Generally they’re lightweight, relatively cheap, and feature an interface optimised entirely for web use. This makes them excellent second computers, ones that you can hand to your children or take to places where a £1000 ultrabook might be […]

Chromebook usage: Still a tiny splash in the vast PC pond

For Google’s Chromebooks, making a dent in the PC install base is going to take a while. Chrome OS, the browser-based operating system used by Chromebooks, drove 0.2 percent of desktop Web traffic in North America last month, according to a usage study by Chitika. That’s up from 0.1 percent last September, and up from […]

Toshiba CB35-A3120 Chromebook review: It hits a sweet spot

The Chromebook has found its sweet spot, and it’s around the $279 range where the Toshiba CB35-A3120 Chromebook resides. It sure isn’t down in the dumps with the $200-or-so cheapies, with their clackety plastics and sorry little screens. Nor is it in the 1-percenter fantasyland of the gorgeous and expensive Chromebook Pixel. The $250 Samsung Chromebook 3 is nice, […]

Acer C720 Chromebook

A quick and powerful Chromebook that costs less than £200

Chromebook power tips: How to work smarter online and offline

Don’t let the “Scroogled”-spouting Pawn Stars guys fool you: Chromebooks aren’t useless hunks of plastic. Google’s Chrome OS has matured into a functional operating system, and not just because Web browsers themselves are evolving into something spectacular. Beyond a desktop-class browser and other software improvements, Chromebooks offer a full keyboard, mouse support, and peripheral ports. […]

HP Chromebook 11 with 4G LTE pops up at Best Buy

Google’s lineup of low-end Chromebooks no longer lacks a 4G LTE option. Best Buy is now selling a 4G LTE version of the HP Chromebook 11, with coverage from Verizon Wireless, in select stores. At $379, the price is $100 more expensive than the Wi-Fi version, but users can get a $50 rebate after activating […]

Toshiba Chromebook hands-on review: A 13in Chromebook with a cheap price tag

Price: $279 Rating: 0 Toshiba has joined the Chrome OS party with its inventively named Toshiba Chromebook at CES 2014. The device will be available on 16 February for $279 so we expect a price in sterling of £200-250. If you’re not convinced by Chromebooklaptops then here’s what Toshiba has to say on the matter. […]

Toshiba’s Chromebook is the company’s first Googley laptop

After teasing us with news of joining the Chromebook ranks at the Intel Developer Forum in September, Toshiba has finally pulled back the curtain on its first ChromeOS-powered laptop, the aptly named Toshiba Chromebook. (Follow CES 2014 live, and get the latest CES news here.) Curiously enough, Toshiba’s laptop is the first Chromebook to ship […]

Toshiba Chromebook review – hands on

Toshiba to launch the world’s first 13.3in Chromebook later this year

Acer cashes in on Chromebook craze with new laptop

Chromebooks are gaining popularity at the expense of Windows machines, and Acer is cashing in with a touchscreen laptop based on Google’s Chrome OS. Acer’s new Chromebook C720P-2600, which has an 11.6-inch touchscreen and runs on Intel’s dual-core Celeron 2955U chip based on the Haswell architecture. The laptop is 19 millimeters thick, weighs 1.35 kilograms […]

Dell Chromebook 11 launching in time for the new school term

Dell has revealed its first Chromebook laptop, the Chromebook 11, which will go on sale in the UK in January – just in time for the new school term

Acer announces first Chromebook with touchscreen for $299.99

Acer announced the first Chromebook laptop with a touchscreen for US$299.99, which is about $100 more than the company’s cheapest non-touch model. The C720P Touchscreen Chromebook has an 11.6-inch touchscreen, which displays images at a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The lightweight laptop offers roughly seven-and-a-half hours of battery life and runs on an […]

Acer’s $300 C270P Chromebook is a touchscreen laptop for the 99 percent

Move over, Pixel, there’s a new touchscreen Chromebook in town. And at just $300, the Acer C720P Chromebook’s finger-friendliness can be had for a mere fraction of the Chromebook Pixel’s $1,300 (and up!) price tag. The C720P follows the lead the non-touch C720 Chromebook Acer announced in October, with an energy efficient Haswell-based Intel Celeron […]

Google and HP pull Chromebook 11 from shelves due to overheating chargers

Google and HP have been forced to stop selling the recently launched Chromebook 11 due to faulty chargers. The HP Chromebook 11 went on sale a few weeks ago at £229 but it has been pulled from the Google Play Store and other retailers such as Amazon. The Chrome OS laptop has a faulty charger […]

Acer drops Chromebook price to $199.99

Acer is trying to push down the prices of Chromebooks, announcing a new laptop with Chrome OS priced at US$199.99. The Acer Chromebook C720-2848 has an 11.6-inch screen, and is targeted at those who do most of their computing on the Web. The lightweight laptop offers 8.5 hours of battery life and runs on an […]

HP Chromebook 11 Sales Screech to a Halt

Talk about really bad timing, just as folks start to loosen the purse strings to shell out for those requisite holiday gifts, HP and Google have to pull what would have certainly been hot selling Chromebook 11.  Apparently users are reporting the unique micro USB chargers are getting hot to the touch, and before anyone […]

HP Chromebook 11 pulled off shelves due to overheating charger

Ominous rumblings rumbled this morning, as The Verge reported that Best Buy had yanked all of its supply of the HP Chromebook 11 from store shelves and stored them in secure warehouse locations, “effective immediately.” The laptop disappeared from Amazon’s online shelves, too, as well as from HP and Google’s own web stores. Something was […]

HP Chromebook 11

A cheap, but incredibly well-made Chrome OS laptop

Living with a Chromebook: can you use a Chromebook as your only laptop?

We used only a Chromebook for one week while completing the kind of everyday tasks that you would assume a laptop could achieve. The results were very interesting, as you’ll see in our living with the Chromebook diary. Are Chromebooks worth the money? Read on to find out. In the past year one style of […]

HP Chromebook 11 review: a decent screen but lacking in performance

Price: £229 inc VAT Rating: 6 If Apple can sell the idea of a plastic iPhone as a good thing, then HP must be on-trend with its new 11in Chromebook. There are acres of glossy white plastic, including when you open the lid. The lid is featureless save for the thin strip of lit-up Google […]

Acer C270 Chromebook launched with Haswell internals, 100GB Google Drive storage

Acer’s C270 Chromebook has been officially revealed, bringing Intel’s Haswell processors to the range for the first time