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Google partners Citrix to deliver Windows in enterprise Chromebooks

Citrix has partnered with Google to deliver business-critical Windows apps to Google Chromebooks, and has already pulled in major clients, such as Woolworths. Google’s Chromebooks for Business, combined with Citrix’s XenApp virtual app delivery solution and Citrix Receiver for HTML5, will enable customers to deliver all types of Windows apps using Citrix HDX technology. Citrix […]

Microsoft and Google aren’t happy with mutant Android-Windows hybrids

Microsoft may be comfortable with Windows Phone and Android splitting time on a single phone, but when it comes to PCs, fuhgeddaboutit. Google also isn’t too thrilled with the idea of Frankenstein Android-Windows computers, and at least one PC maker may have to dump the hybrid devices from their lineup as a result. Asus, makers […]

Google pushes Chrome app store with more money-making options for devs

Google yesterday said it would let developers of Chrome packaged apps issue free trials and offer in-app purchases, and allow creators of browser extensions to charge for their wares for the first time. The moves were described by Google as additional ways for developers to monetize their work building apps and add-ons for Chrome (the […]

Google and HP pull Chromebook 11 from shelves due to overheating chargers

Google and HP have been forced to stop selling the recently launched Chromebook 11 due to faulty chargers. The HP Chromebook 11 went on sale a few weeks ago at £229 but it has been pulled from the Google Play Store and other retailers such as Amazon. The Chrome OS laptop has a faulty charger […]

Acer C270 Chromebook launched with Haswell internals, 100GB Google Drive storage

Acer’s C270 Chromebook has been officially revealed, bringing Intel’s Haswell processors to the range for the first time

Google, HP’s Chromebook 11 on sale for £229

The new Chromebook 11 developed by Google and Hewlett-Packard has gone on sale for US$279 (£229), and can be powered by the same charger used for Android tablets and smartphones. The laptop runs on Chrome OS, and is designed for people who do most of their computing on the Internet. It has an 11.6-inch screen […]

HP, Google team up on featherweight $279 Chromebook 11

After releasing the “prototype” Chromebook Pixel earlier this year, Google has gone the opposite way for the mass market with the lightweight, low-powered Chromebook 11 from HP. Google and HP collaborated on the design of the new Chromebook, which ships this week for $279. It is essentially a successor to last year’s $250 Chromebook from Samsung, […]

Google, HP’s Chromebook 11 on sale for $279

The new Chromebook 11 developed by Google and Hewlett-Packard has gone on sale for US$279, and can be powered by the same charger used for Android tablets and smartphones. The laptop runs on Chrome OS, and is designed for people who do most of their computing on the Internet. It has an 11.6-inch screen and […]

Google Nexus 7 (2013)

The refreshed Google Nexus 7 (2013) improves on the original in almost every way – it’s more expensive but we still think it’s the best compact Android tablet around

Intel, Google show ‘next-generation’ Chromebooks

Intel and Google showed off the next generation of Chromebooks from Hewlett-Packard, Acer and Toshiba, which will be faster and more power-efficient than predecessors.        

Google, Intel cement ties on Chrome OS, could weaken Wintel

New Chromebooks announced this week signal Intel’s willingness to broaden its horizons and work with companies like Google, at the expense of its long-standing Windows partnership with Microsoft.        

Google’s Chromebook enters adulthood, thanks to Intel

Intel’s decision to bring its Haswell chips to Google’s Chromebook might make it the system it was meant to be.        

4 Things You’ll Love About Google’s Chromebook Pixel – and 4 Things You’ll Hate

I’ve been using Google’s latest Chrome-OS-powered Chromebook laptop computer, the Pixel, for the past three months. At Google’s annual I/O developer conference in May, the company distributed Chromebook Pixels to more than 6,000 attendees, and I walked away with a Pixel review unit. Though I don’t feel qualified to write a full, in-depth review–at least […]

Google Play Music All Access hits the UK

Introductory pricing sees UK listeners charged £7.99 a month for unlimited streaming from the Google Play catalogue, with a free month thrown in

HP Pavilion 14-c002ea Chromebook review: budget laptop with a Google Chrome OS

If you’re looking for a cheap laptop for basic web browsing, word processing and spreadsheets then the Pavilion Chromebook works quite well. Read our HP Pavilion 14-c002ea Chromebook review to find out more.        

Google Announces Chromebooks to be Available in more Retail Stores Soon

Google today announced that Chromebooks are going to be much more easy to find in retail stores starting this summer.  Several retailers in the U.S. and other markets will be hopping on the Chromebook selling bandwagon in the coming weeks.  Most notably, Wal Mart will start selling the Acer C7 $199 Chromebook in 2,800 stores […]

What to expect from Google I/O: Google I/O 2013 predictions

Our Google I/O 2013 predictions: will we see Key Lime Pie, Nexus 5, X Phone, or a Google Glass launch date? Here’s what to expect from Google I/O in 2013.        

Google ‘Androidbook’ laptops could be in the works

Designed to be sold alongside the company’s Chromebook products, Androidbooks would ditch the web-based operating system for Android 5.0 Key-Lime Pie

Google Chromebook rolling out in more countries

Chromebook devices from Acer, Hewlett-Packard and Samsung Electronics are rolling out Tuesday in six countries, Google said.

Google Chromebook Pixel

Google’s cut-price laptop gets a retina display makeover

Chromebook Pixel review: Google’s £1,000 Chrome OS laptop sounds crazy but just might work

The Chromebook Pixel is Google’s £1,049 laptop running the Chrome OS. It has a beautiful display and amazing build quality, but is not without its faults. Here’s our Chromebook Pixel review.

Chromebook Pixel launched by Google

Google’s latest Chromebook is a high-end device with a high-resolution touchscreen that rivals Apple’s Retina display

Google Chromebook Pixel Announced, a $1,299 Glorified Web Browser?

Google today announced the new 13” Chromebook Pixel laptop that features the highest pixel density on a laptop screen ever, topping even the Apple MacBook’s Retina Display.  The 13” (well, 12.85” to be exact) screen on the Chromebook Pixel has a resolution of 2,560 x 1,700 which gives it a PPI (Pixels Per Inch) density […]

Google Nexus 10

The Nexus 10 does for the 10in tablet market what the Nexus 7 did for 7in models – it’s brilliant

Google Nexus 7

[UPDATED - Android 4.2, new models] A brilliant little tablet at an incredibly low price