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Lenovo IdeaPad Y410p Follows up on the Y510p

Yesterday we covered the availability of the 15.6” Y510p and today Lenovo has rolled up the similar but slightly smaller 14” screen Y410p.  The improvements are similar, you get the new Intel Haswell Core i7 processor in the base model and Nvidia 750M graphics.  The big change between the Y410p and preceding Y400 is the […]

How small businesses can unravel the extended-warranty conundrum

The conventional wisdom has always held that extended warranties are a sucker’s bet. It’s often said that businesses far and wide–from automakers to computer companies–make more money on the sale of extended warranties than they do from the actual products they make. Consumer Reports has led this charge for years, finding that retailers that push […]

Sony announces the Haswell-powered VAIO Pro and VAIO Duo Series

If you’re looking for the newest mobile gear with Intel’s brand-spanking new fourth-generation processor included, Sony is bringing its stuff to the table. They have a few new mobile options that update their line of VAIO products with the VAIO Pro and VAIO Duo.        

Gigabyte P34G hands-on review – a portable gaming laptops for the masses

We take Gigabyte’s newly announced P34G laptop for a test run – with dedicated Nvidia graphics, this 14in ultra-portable looks ideal for gaming on the move

Touchscreen notebooks snag 10 percent of the laptop market, report claims

Windows 8 was rebuilt from the ground up with a finger-friendly focus. That proved to be a problem during the operating system’s early days. In the months immediately after launch, touchscreen Windows devices cost an arm and a leg, and that’s if you could even find one; during the 2012 holiday season shoppers were hard-pressed […]

Surface Pro review – Microsoft tablet offers true power computing on the move

The Surface Pro is both a tiny Ultrabook and a bulky Windows 8 tablet. Is the Surface Pro the one device to rule them all? Here’s our Surface Pro UK review. Updated 16 May 2013.        

Toshiba KIRABook Reviews Trickle Onto the Web, the Conclusion? Overpriced.

Toshiba recently announced the KIRABook, a premium Windows 8 UltraBook with Ultra HD display, and now the verdict on this notebook from a few major publishers have been appearing on the web.  Unfortunately we don’t have the same $2,000 machine on hand other reviews have received to give you our own verdict (waves to Toshiba) […]

Is this leaked hybrid the world’s first Haswell-powered laptop?

Sony’s refresh of its Ultrabook convertible notebook line will be slim and run for 10 hours before seeking a socket, if an alleged leaked video is to be believed.        

The Aspire R7 is Acer’s Star Trek Into Darkness Laptop

If you recall, Acer a couple of weeks ago teased a new laptop using footage from the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness movie.   This week at a press event in New York they gave the big reveal of what the laptop actually is and how it looks in person.  The new system is called the […]

Candy Crush Saga review – the mobile game that’s deliciously addictive

Candy Crush Saga is the latest mobile game craze, available for Android, iOS, Facebook and online. It’s your average match-three puzzler, but a variation on the theme that sees gems swapped with sweets and other tasty treats. It’s deliciously addictive.        

Android laptops: The $200 price is right, but the OS may not be

When Intel said recently that its Bay Trail chips will power a wave of $200 touchscreen laptops, the company wasn’t talking only about Windows.        

Design innovation: The PC’s secret weapon in the war for relevance

As laptop and desktop sales plummet by record amounts, some PC manufacturers are wading out of their comfort zones in hopes of breathing life back into the market.        

The most reliable Windows laptop is a Mac, says Soluto

Soluto’s PC troubleshooting Web service has saved many a forehead from banging against a desk. By scanning computers for installed software and crowdsourcing problems, Soluto’s consumer service helps with everything from boot times and app crashes to remote configuration. Soluto used the wealth of data it collected in this way to compile a list of […]

Acer Teasing Laptop style Desktop With Tilt Screen, Just a Reinvention of the HP Pavilion HDX?

Acer released a video tease of a “laptop” today that included scenes from the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness, hinting that this system is something that’s ahead of its time.  However, this Acer system appears to be an oversized laptop with a tilting screen hinge like a desktop monitor and akin to the HP Pavilion […]

The best Windows 8 machines you can buy today

We’ve had about six months to play with Windows 8 (like it or not) and with the first generation of hardware designed for the new OS. So now, with PCs based on Intel’s Haswell CPU poised on the horizon, it’s time to take stock of the best Windows 8 hardware available today. You may be able to snap […]

Slideshow: When the PC is obsolete, how will you do this, and this, and this?

Last week, the PC industry was rocked by news that Q1 computer shipments had declined by as much as 14 percent, year on year. Analysts cite various factors, but they put most of the blame on a consumer shift toward tablets and other mobile devices.        

Windows 8 touch laptop prices to hit $200 by the holidays, Intel CEO says

Intel held its first quarter earnings call for 2013 on Tuesday, and the Q&A with analysts afterwards was full of bold declarations about how cheap touch-enabled PCs and other Intel-loaded touchable gadgets were going to get.        

Rain Design mStand 360 review: giving the rise to your MacBook with strength and style

The Rain Design mStand 360 comes to the rescue as a laptop stand suited to Apple MacBooks, guaranteed to turn more than heads.        

Google ‘Androidbook’ laptops could be in the works

Designed to be sold alongside the company’s Chromebook products, Androidbooks would ditch the web-based operating system for Android 5.0 Key-Lime Pie

Asus VivoTab Smart ME400 review: the Windows 8 tablet to rival Microsoft’s Surface?

We take a look at Asus’ new 10-inch tablet running full Windows 8. Here’s our Asus VivoTab Smart ME400 review.

Samsung refreshes Series 9 Ultrabook, but where’s the ‘Retina’ display?

Samsung launched an even pricier version of its high-end Series 9 Ultrabook Monday, but the company isn’t quite ready to trade blows with Apple on the “Retina” display front.

New HP Coupon for $100 off the ENVY 6t

HP has a new coupon this week that gets you $100 off any customized HP ENVY 6t laptop ordered via HP.com.  Just use coupon code NB2613 at checkout to get $100 off, the coupon works between now and March 26th so you’ve got 10-days to use the coupon unless it’s used 1,000 times at which […]

The Chromebook family grows again with Acer’s new C7

There appears to be no end in sight to the Chromebook phenomenon, which has seen PC maker after PC maker jump onto Google’s Chrome OS-powered bandwagon.

Meet 60GHz Wi-Fi, the insanely fast future of wireless networking

Get ready for a ridiculous boost in wireless networking speed. Two camps are competing to deliver wireless components that are at least seven times faster than today’s gigabit (IEEE 802.11ac) routers. By harnessing spectrum in the unlicensed 60GHz frequency band, these devices will be capable of offering more bandwidth than hardwired USB 3.0 connections.

Surface Pro review – if Microsoft can’t make the perfect Windows 8 hybrid laptop and tablet, who can?

The Surface Pro is both a tiny Ultrabook and a bulky Windows 8 tablet. Is the Surface Pro the one device to rule them all? Here’s our Surface Pro review.