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Sony recalls Vaio Flip hybrid after reports of fire and melting

Sony sold off its Vaio PC unit in February due to sluggish sales, but don’t think that means Sony Vaio laptops aren’t smoking hot. For the second time in 2014, a Sony PC model is at risk of overheating, smoking, catching on fire, and even melting. This time around, the smoldering Vaio in question is […]

Vaio brand relaunches in Japan

After selling off the Vaio PC business to an investment firm in February, Sony’s old computer brand has reappeared under new management. Japan Industrial Partners officially reintroduced Vaio laptops on Tuesday, focusing purely on the Japanese market. When it picked up the Vaio brand from Sony earlier in 2014, JIP said it would roll out […]

Stop using that Vaio Fit hybrid! Sony warns of fire risk

If you are one of the approximately 500 people in the U.S. using the Sony Vaio Fit 11A, you’ll want to stop using that PC immediately. On Friday, the Japan-based electronics maker said the new Vaio convertible laptop was at risk of overheating and catching fire due to a faulty battery.  From Sony’s announcement: Please […]

Sony VAIO Flip 14a 1080p Ultrabook for $444 (Refurb)

If you don’t mind refurbished laptops and do like paying a very low price for a premium Ultrabook, check out this deal for the Sony VAIO Flip 14a at Cowboom.com (a Best Buy online store).  The Sony VAIO Flip 14a that’s on sale comes with a 1080p screen, 4GB of RAM, Intel Core i3 4th […]

Sony VAIO’s fatal flaw: The PCs cost too damned much

Sony’s floundering PC business is no more, sold to a group of investors that plan to pull the once-vaunted VAIO brand back within Japan’s borders. The sudden death is shocking, sure, but mourn not this loss, fellow PC faithful. Sony’s computers have long stood out from the crowd, slickly designed and clad in colorful cases, […]

Sony sells Vaio PC business to focus on smartphones and tablets: job cuts incoming

Sony has announced that it is selling its VaioPC business and restructuring its TV sector, resulting in large job cuts. The Japanese tech firm will sell its Vaio PC business which uses the Vaio brand to Japan Industrial Partners (JIP). The sum is undisclosed but it is thought that the deal is worth £301 million […]

Goodbye VAIO? Sony may sell PC and laptop division to focus on smartphones

Sony may be preparing to sell its VAIO PC and laptop division, in an effort to reduce losses and to focus more on smartphones

For Sony, a good time to offload struggling Vaio business

Struggling electronics giant Sony painted a rosy picture of its future at CES last month, but it will likely have to shed divisions that are battling intense headwinds. Speculation has focused on its PC business, known for the Vaio brand, which is rumored to be up for sale. Last week, Sony denied press reports that […]

Sony VAIO Fit multi-flip 11 review – hands on

Sony has added a third model to its VAIO Fit multi-flip range, shrinking down the dimensions but not compromising on display resolution with the VAIO Fit multi-flip 11

Sony adds 11-inch hybrid to the VAIO Flip family

Sony announced a new 11-inch member of its VAIO Flip family of convertible laptops, which have a unique pivoting hinge that swings the screen from notebook to tablet mode. The Flip family has received relatively positive reviews, while Sony’s 11-inch VAIO Tap 11 hybrid has been largely panned. Unlike the VAIO Tap 11, whose keyboard […]

Sony VAIO Tap 11

The Tap 11 combines the look of an Xperia Tablet Z with Windows 8 and a keyboard

Sony Vaio Fit E (SVF15A1C5E) review: powerful and versatile 15-inch laptop

Price: £1037.99 inc VAT Rating: 7 We were impressed by the low-cost Vaio Fit 15E laptop that we reviewed from Sony recently, but Sony also makes a more expensive version called the ‘Vaio Fit 15′ (with no ‘E’). This provides greater performance as well as additional features such as a touch-sensitive screen with full HD […]

Sony Vaio Fit multi-flip PC hands-on review: A Windows 8 laptop and tablet hybrid

One of Sony’s new Windows 8 products at IFA this year is the Vaio Fit multi-flip. Here’s our Sony Vaio Fit multi-flip hands-on review.        

Sony VAIO flip review – hands on

Sony’s latest take on the convertible laptop/tablet hybrid gets the hands-on treatment from the IFA show floor

Sony VAIO flip review – hands

Sony’s latest take on the convertible laptop/tablet hybrid gets the hands-on treatment from the IFA show floor

Sony Vaio Fit 15E review – a cheap laptop with attractive multimedia features

Sony’s Vaio Fit 15E provides attractive multimedia features at an everyday price. Read on for our Sony Vaio Fit 15E budget laptop review.        

Sony VAIO Fit

Sony’s new customisable VAIO laptop is great value no matter what configuration you choose

Sony VAIO Pro 13

The lightest Ultrabook we’ve ever tested

Sony VAIO Duo 13

You won’t believe the battery life on the new Sony VAIO Duo 13 Ultrabook hybrid

Sony announces the Haswell-powered VAIO Pro and VAIO Duo Series

If you’re looking for the newest mobile gear with Intel’s brand-spanking new fourth-generation processor included, Sony is bringing its stuff to the table. They have a few new mobile options that update their line of VAIO products with the VAIO Pro and VAIO Duo.        

New Sony VAIO Fit Lineup for Back to School Buyers Arrives

In an effort to clear up its somewhat confusing array of alphabet naming for the VAIO lineup (VAIO E, VAIO T, VAIO F, VAIO S…) Sony is refreshing and then rebranding its budget lineup, formerly known as the VAIO E, to simply just the VAIO Fit.  There will be a VAIO Fit 14E and Fit […]

Sony VAIO T 15” Ultrabook with Full HD Touch Screen for $692 at Sony.com

Sony is ramping up their deals for students now through the Sony Education store, that includes a deal on the VAIO T 15” Ultrabook with 15” Full HD touch screen display for $692.  You don’t have to be a student to get the deal, just be an alumni, parent or related to a student – […]

Sony Vaio T13 Touch review: ulraportable laptop with a touch screen

The Vaio T13 Touch review is a touch screen laptop with an ultraportable design, good performance and battery life for well under £800.

Sony VAIO E 17” with 1080p Screen on Sale for $580

Here’s yet another deal on a laptop with a Full HD 1920 x 1080 screen.  Newegg has the Sony VAIO E 17-inch laptop on sale for $580 with no tax (except CA) and free shipping when you apply coupon code VMEPROMOMAR13 at checkout and use a Visa card for payment.  This particular model on sale […]

Sony adds large-screen ultrabooks to Vaio lineup

Sony has started shipping two new Vaio ultrabooks with large screens starting at US$699 as the company expands its lineup of thin and light laptops.